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Blooming Art

I love making a difference, this means I teach every child as though they were my own. Children not only grow in their artistic abilities, they grow as indviduals and make new friends along the way. Children also get the opportunity to exhibit their work in our yearly exhibiition in the "Culture Quarter".

In my previous, earlier years as an Art Tutor in further education, I had been a consistent grade 1 tutor, Ofsted inspected & I hold necessary certificate's, as well as holding a Certificate in Education Degree. I have multiple years of teaching experience with a wide range of age groups and abilities. I love to make a difference which shows through in the feedback on my facebook page & also in my retention.

I work with the whole community, individuals of all ages & abilities. Also, developing partnerships with other art and non-art organisations. Art enthusiasts are welcomed to articulate, explore and express themselves through the window of art, aiding a healthier & happier lifestyle. Our new art social evenings are so popular.

If you have a question or an idea, please get in touch.

My Family

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